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Australia 'Mighty' backpacker campervan hire self drive travel information faq guide

Australia Mighty backpacker campervan hire guide - prices may change with new season

What is included in my Mighty Camper?
• Unlimited Kilometres.
• 24 Hour roadside service.
• Linen and Bedding
• Crockery and Cutlery
• Mighty Light vehicle liability (liability applies – see the “Accident Liability” section for more information)
• Customer care 24 hour 7 days per week road service helpline (toll free)
• Magazine with discounts to tourist attractions
• All branches have local tourist information and maps available
Extra Hire Items?
Picnic Table
(Included in the Almighty Pack) $25.00 per rental This fold away outdoor table is a great addition to your rental.
Picnic Chair (Included in the Almighty Pack) $18.00 each per rental
Pre Paid Gas (Included in the Almighty Pack) Deuce, Double Up: $38 per day, Other vehicle types: $18 per day Used for cooking and for hot water facilities in vehicles that have this option.
Pre-Purchase Fuel Prices are determined on day of purchase. Buy your first tank of fuel at a discounted rate through Online Self Check-In prior to picking up your vehicle and there is no need to re-fill your campervan at the end of your hire!
Lowball, Highball, Jackpot, Double Down AU$18 per vehicle (in the Jackpot PGO refers to four butane gas cylinders) Deuce, Double Up and Big Six AU$38 per gas vehicle
Extra Driver Fees (Included in the Almighty Pack) $5.00 per driver per day max charge: AU$150.00
Booster Seat $36.00 per rental Recommended for children 4-7 years old.
Convertable Child Seat $36.00 per rental Suitable for child 0-4 yrs old. annot be fitted to all vehicles. See vehicle specifications for details.
Toilet Chemicals $2.50 each For those vehicles with toilets, use 1 each time you empty your toilet cassette.
GPS $10.00 per day max charge: AU$100.00
Satellite Phone $20.00 per day + call costs ??Many areas do not have standard cell coverage. Satellite phones cover all areas and are an important safety item for remote travel.
Souvenir Hema Road Atlas $25.00 for purchase. Australian road atlas.
Awning $5.00 per day max charge: AU$80.00
First Aid Kit $35.00 for purchase ?Supplied with your rental and charged if it is opened on your journey.
Note the PGO option, extra driver fees, camping chairs and table are included in The Almighty pack.
Can the vehicles accommodate child / booster seats?
Vehicles can accommodate child seats. Please refer to specific vehicle information for further details.
Booster Seat $36.00 per rental Recommended for children 4-7 years old.
Convertable Child Seat $36.00 per rental Suitable for child 0-4 yrs old. annot be fitted to all vehicles. See vehicle specifications for details.
Where are the vehicles available from?
• Mighty 6 - Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney
• Deuce - Adelaide, Alice Springs, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney
• Double Up - Adelaide, Alice Springs, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney
• Double Down - Adelaide, Alice Springs, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney
• Jackpot - Available from Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Melbourne and Sydney locations only.
• Highball - Adelaide, Alice Springs, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney
• Lowball - Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney

• One-way rentals are available between all Mighty branch locations with the exception of the Jackpot which is only available to and from Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns.
Big Six is only available to and from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Big Six is also available for Perth to Perth hires, but is not available for one way hires out of or into Perth.
• The Lowball is not available to or from Alice Springs.
• Basically just search our database and see what is showing a price for the lcoations and dates you wish - it's easier.

Do I need a special license to hire a campervan?
Your standard driver’s license is enough, as long as you’ve had it for at least a year. If it’s not in English we’ll need to see a valid International Driver’s license as well.
How old do I need to be to drive a campervan?
The minimum driving age for the Deuce, Double Down, Double Up and Big Six is 21 years, and the Lowball, Highball & Jackpot is 18 years.
Can I pull up and camp on the side of the road?
Australia has an extensive network of Holiday Parks in all major tourist centres and in most towns. Most have recreational facilities, as well as resources to dispose of waste water. They also have provision for you to plug the vehicle into electricity.
Road Restrictions

Campervans can only be driven on sealed/bitumen roads. The only exceptions to this are well-maintained access roads of less than twelve kilometres* to recognised campgrounds and well-maintained, recognised roads on Kangaroo Island (South Australia).

Should a customer wish to travel on an unsealed road that is greater than twelve kilometres in length to access a recognised campground special permission can be arranged pending road condition, weather and distance. Please contact your local representative to discuss. Mighty reserves the right at its sole discretion to restrict vehicle movements in certain areas due to adverse road or weather conditions and/or the distance to nominated destinations in relation to the length of the hire period.

Mighty General Camper Information
Mighty General Camper Information
What do I bring?

Below is a recommendation only of items you should consider when travelling around Australia.

Most items can be purchased cheaply once you’ve arrived, or can be hired when you collect your vehicle.

Australia has a very mixed climate, temperate in the south east, tropical in the north, and a significant part of the country is arid desert (the hot kind).

Note that coastal areas can have unpredictable weather, so it’s always best to check out the forecast before you leave a major centre.

For more information on climate in Australia, refer to the Bureau of Meteorology website.
This resource will give you up to date weather forecasts for all major centres and rural central, weather warnings and sea conditions for those heading to the reef or planning to surf.

While we do have a variety of cute furry marsupials, we also have a fair share of less friendly critters downunder.
To find out more about our unique wildlife, check out the Australian Wildlife website.

The most important thing to bring you is your sense of adventure.
We only ask that you respect our environment when you travel so it can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Summer (applies to Northern Territory and North Queensland year round)
Light jersey
Wind breaker/jacket (if hiking or travelling in the North during wet season)
Hiking boots – make sure they’re clean if travelling from overseas
Sunscreen – the ozone layer is pretty thin in this neck of the woods, and burn times can be very quick
Insect repellent
Swim wear
Mp3 player – radio can be limited in rural areas, adapters can be hired for $10/rental
Day pack

Heavy jacket – for travel in South NSW, Victoria and parts of South Australia
Thermals Beanie Gloves Sunscreen – especially if you’re planning on skiing Mp3 player – radio can be limited in rural areas, adapters can be hired for $10/rental
Day pack
Insect repellent (yup, even in winter)

Before Arrival Check yourself out – Mighty's Camper pick up and drop off are self-service so make sure you check in online before you arrive.

It will save you time and get you out on the road faster.

If you need extra gear like pre-paid fuel (PPF), tables, chairs and GPS you can order this when you check in online and it will be ready and waiting in your Camper when you arrive.

You can check in any time using the link on your booking confirmation and we'll also email you a reminder before you arrive.

If you don't check in online and do need help from one of our Mighty crew in branch there is a $50 fee. Information is power – all the mighty crew have stories of getting to a campsite at night and trying to scrabble around working out where things are.

Why not use some of your pre-holiday wind down week to check out our handy camper facts.

Don't worry we will arm you with more detailed info about your camper for when you are on the road - you'll find a manual in the passenger door pocket. Get to know the ins and outs of how your Mighty camper works before you go.

Mighty General Camper Information

Mighty General Camper Information
We'll be expecting you – Let us know what time you are planning to pick up your camper. This one's really important because pick up and drop off outside of these times may cause a delay and impact the time spent at the branch.

On Pick Up

Once you get to the branch, you'll be on the road in your Mighty Camper in no time.

When you arrive you'll receive your Mighty Pack that includes:

Rental Agreement – you need to have this in your vehicle for the duration of your trip.

Drop off information – this gives you all the info on what you need to do before you drop off your Camper at the end of the trip and at the branch. A handy checklist will be given to you as well, so you can simply tick the items off.

Completed damage check form – just sign it and you're on the road. If you have any queries about it, just check in with the Mighty crew.

Accident form – just in case

Make Tracks Magazine – filled with lots of handy travel info Our Mighty crew will give you the keys to your Camper and have a look at your driver's licence. Once you're in your vehicle, any extra hire items will be there ready for you. Mighty handy vehicle information will be in the passenger door pocket just in case you forget where the light switches are when you are on the road.

On The Road Help!

Although you are unlikely to need it, should you need assistance while you’re on road, please just check the Mighty handy vehicle information placed in your passenger door pocket. If you still have no luck figuring out the issue, please call our Mighty On Road crew.

To point you in the right direction, you need to talk to one of our Mighty roadside assistance crew before visiting a service centre. Oops! If you have had an accident or there is any new damage on your vehicle you will need to complete the Accident Claim form provided in your Mighty pack, simply fill it in and sign. Remember you need to call us on 1800 670 232 to let us know about any damage within 24-hours of it happening. When you get back to the branch just hand the completed form to a Mighty crew member.

On Drop Off

We want to make sure you’re Mighty prepared for when you drop off your Camper.

Read the info below so that you know what to expect.

Camper drop off time – Camper drop off time –Remember to drop off your camper at the time you have advised. If you’re on the road and need to remind yourself when that is you’ll find it on your Rental Agreement.

Check it out: Don’t worry, we will supply you with a full checklist of what you need to do on drop off.

Fuel & LPG – Remember to fill up your fuel and LPG before you drop off your Camper. Full, means full so the gauge should register as full and the receipt for the LPG bottle should be left in the ashtray showing that it’s been filled within the last 24 hours otherwise we have to charge you for them to be filled. If you’ve prepaid your fuel and LPG, then don’t worry - just bring everything back empty! Unsure if you’ve prepaid?

Check out your Rental Agreement. If you’ve purchased The Almighty or PGO, then you’ve prepaid your LPG bottle. If you’ve purchased PPF, then you’ve prepaid your fuel. Easy! Make sure you select these options when you make you’re booking or complete online self-check in.

Empty your loo - If there is a toilet in your camper, make sure it is completely empty of all waste and water. You don’t have to put any toilet chemicals in it. Remember if we find a surprise in the toilet cassette, you will be charged an additional $125.

Pack up your Camper – Make sure that the bed is stripped and all the bedding is in the linen bag.

Extra hire items – please leave these on the front passenger seat of your Mighty camper so we know you have returned them safe and sound. Chairs and table should be left inside your Camper (at the rear of the vehicle).

Clean up your room! – Make sure that you’ve taken any rubbish away, swept out the floor and generally your van looks spick and span! If it’s not in a respectable condition then a $250 soiling fee is charged. Also remember that smoking is not permitted in your Mighty Camper so this soiling fee also applies to any smoking related cleaning.

Keys please - simply leave your completed checklist on the dashboard and hand your keys back to the Mighty Crew.

Are we there yet: Lastly one of the Mighty crew will inspect your Camper and process any additional charges or refunds to your credit card. If you want details of exactly what will be processed, feel free to stop in and see our Mighty crew. You’re done, too easy!

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