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Backpacker campervan hire rentals in Australia

Backpacker campervan hire in Australia
Our campervan hire and car rental pick up locations are in the main centers (Adelaide, Alice Springs, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney) where all the best looking campers are - making it super easy to travel wherever you’d like through our fine land.
Let’s be honest sometimes mechanical things just break down, but with Mighty’s 24-hour roadside assistance, we’ll get you back up and running no matter where you are in Australia
Who wants to spend time hanging about in an office when you’re on holiday, especially after a long flight?
An Australian campervan holiday is all about enjoying amazing sights and sounds, you don’t want to lose that time scratching your head about how to flush your loo. Our campers take any guess work out of it and lets you enjoy the sunsets ... or torrential downpours ... in comfort.

Some Backpacker campervan hire drive rote you can look at are:
Pacific Coast Adventure - Sydney-Brisbane
Pacific Coast Natural - Sydney-Brisbane
Coastal Drive - Melbourne-Sydney
• Nature's Way - Darwin-Darwin
Great Tropical Drive - Cairns-Cairns
Red Centre Way - Alice Springs-Alice Springs

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Instant campervan  hire quote for Australia - compare all specials and packages on the one site. Easy to use and book.

Instant campervan  hire quote for Australia - compare all specials and packages on the one site. Easy to use and book.


  • Sleep 6 - Mighty 6 motorhome hire

    This 6 berth is full of great features. Separate sleeping and living areas and the dual cab is great for travelling families in Australia

    Mighty6 rental Australia details
  • Sleep 4 - Mighty DoubleUp motorhome hire

    Superior motorhome facilities at a Mighty great price. Hire the Double Up 4 berth motorhome in Australia today.

    Mighty DoubleUp motorhome hire details

  • Sleep 2 - Mighty Deuce Luxury camper hire

    Microwave yourself some popcorn in this super roomy campervan that sleeps 2. Includes a handy toilet and shower so you’ve got everything you need.

    Mighty Deuce campervan hire details

  • Sleep 4 - Mighty DoubleDown camper hire

    Great for those travelling in groups or those that want a bit more room. Features top and bottom bunks so you have a slumber party for up to 4.

    Mighty DoubleDown camper hire details

  • Sleep 3 - Mighty Highball camper hire

    Sleeps 3, more headroom for your early morning stretch. Grill up a feast then clean-up is sorted with a sink on the inside.

    Mighty HighBall camper hire details

  • Sleep 3 - Mighty Jackpot camper hire

    The ultimate in small campers... A fold out bed that can go from dining to snoozing at the push of a button. Your mate can sleep on the nifty fold down hammock.

    Mighty Jackpot camper hire details
  • Sleep 2 - Mighty Lowball camper hire

    Just like driving a car…except it’s a van. Sleeps 2, has a cooler box and you can cook some sausages out the back...cosy and great value.

    Mighty Lowball camper hire details
  • 4WD offroad hire around Australia

    Our 4WD's provides real outback comfort for 2 to 5 persons. We have 4wd campers where you sleep in the back, we have ground camping tents and rooftop tents.

    4WD and 4WD Camper hire in Australia
  • Car hire Australia

    These small, compact and large car hire options are cost effective vehicles to hire and offer return or oneway rentals for 5 people. We also have 8 seat people movers for that large family or group of friends to travel around the cuntry and enjoy the vast Australian landscape.

    Car hire in Australia